Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Crafting Mythbusters Edition: Coat Hanger Tree Ball Wreath

 If you're on Pinterest, (Let's face it, every woman between the ages of 16 and 45 is), you've probably seen this pin, where it makes it look SO simple to make a Christmas wreath out of a coat hanger and about a million (85) tree balls. The original post for this craft can be found here. Basically you glue the caps down on the tree balls and then string them on a rounded coat hanger. It just seems to good to be true. This is one I just HAD to try out.
Last year I bought a bunch of tree ball ornaments on clearance at Kmart after Christmas specifically for this project. And I pulled a hanger out of my closet. I quickly realized that these four boxes would not be enough so I grabbed yet another box of ornaments that I bought on clearance last year to add to this.
So with my glue gun in hand, I glued the caps down and started stringing. It looked promising a few balls in.
Every time I strung and ornament on though the whole thing would shift so it was hard to determine what order I should string the ornaments in. I just winged it.
And a few more, still looking good...
Mostly complete. Near the end it felt like this project would never end, it felt like I added just as many balls to the last 6 inches of wire as I had already strung on the entire wreath.
And done! I still have to find a wreath hanger to hang this on my door... or in my window.. our front door gets slammed a lot so a window would probably be safer.
Just like all the other people who have tried this Pin, I knew I was done when balls started to pop off when I started to twist the coat hanger ends back together. I could probably fill this out by getting a few more smaller ornaments and gluing them in the spaces where you can still see the hanger but over all, I really like it.
So there you go, you really CAN make a wreath out of some Christmas Tree balls and a coat hanger. 
Have you tested a Pinterest Myth lately?

Be blessed.


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  2. Hi Erin, good idea to confirm the tutes on pinterest.
    I live in Nevada City too. I've been reading your blog for a while. I just started a blog of my own.... I wish you luck on your new adventure, in your new digs. Where are you heading?


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