Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rummikub Tile Bag

We have become quite addicted to Rummikub around here the past two days. Unfortunately our Rummikub game did not come with a tile bag, so dumping tiles out of the box at the start of a game and then putting them back into the box is quite noisy, especially when you only start the game after you've put your toddler to bed.
So last night after we finished a game, I ran out to my sewing room and made a tile bag to make cleaning up and setting up our games a tad bit quieter.
I love this Amy Butler fabric, and now we'll be able to see it on a regular basis! I love it when pretty fabric goes to make useful things.
I used a french seam for the inside so that there would be no raw edges or errant threads.

Anyone want to come over and play?

Be blessed!


  1. I am giggling! My hubby and I recently started playing Rummikub pretty seriously and the only time is when our little guy (2.5yrs) is in bed. We had the same problem with noise levels as well as having to constantly flip and mix tiles when we're done. And so, a week ago, I whipped up a bag after one of our games too. Hilarious. Only problem is that I used silk swatches and as a result, the bag stays wide open and you can see all the tiles inside. So I'm going to have to do it again with a lighter fabric! That's just really funny that you posted this. I had been meaning to blog about it this week!

  2. I love it! It's so beautiful with those wonderful French seams!

  3. This would work for Scrabble tiles too. Crisis averted!!!

    Ive never heard of it similar to scrabble or boggle or mah jong? (I know, MJ doesnt really fit in with the first too, but it does use tiles!)

  4. Rummikub is similar to Rummy, the card game. Basically your goal is to make sets of numbers of all the same color of at least 3 tile, (i.e. 1 2 3 or 6 7 8) or sets of the same number in different colors (i.e. a red 7, a blue 7 and a black 7)
    Your goal is to get rid of all your tiles first and rack up a big score. It is REALLY fun.

  5. I am a single guy without a sewing machine and can't find anywhere to buy a useful bag. I think this could be an earner for someone to make such bags as anyone with the game has the same problem. :-(




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